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About stem4

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Teenage mental health charity stem4 is special because we:

  • Target four specific audiences:
    • young people affected by the conditions and their friends
    • their families and carers
    • schools – teachers and senior leadership teams
    • health professionals – GPs and school nurses
  • Provide evidence-based information
  • Work digitally – to provide effective education and health apps
  • Bring people together to share experiences and to work towards best practice of teenage mental health
  • Work co-collaboratively. The work we do is informed and co-produced by young people, parents, teachers, clinicians

Aims and Objectives

stem4 endeavours to raise early awareness and highlight the importance of early intervention in teenage mental health issues – taking steps to help stem problems at an early stage.

stem4 encourages debate and shared information through a programme of conferences targeting students, head teachers, school leaders, teachers, SENCOs, parents, school nurses and GPs.

stem4 educates through interactive conferences for schools and through our comprehensive website.

stem4 provides self-help through our Calm Harm and Clear Fear apps, website and booklets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster the development of good mental health in teenagers through enhancing early understanding and awareness, promoting shared early detection and signposting towards prompt action and intervention.

Collaborative work with young people, their families, and schools will help an individual to enhance their resilience and sense of individual responsibility.



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