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This comprehensive and clinically informed resource shares information on identification, early intervention and management.

  • Information about eating disorders, depression and anxiety, self-harm and addiction
  • Self-help strategies
  • Resources to download on issues such as school mental health policy development
  • Useful links for further support
  • The stem4 community page is a message board where people can share their experiences of stem4 events and mental health. Young people, who want to benefit others with their own experience and by providing personal advice, contribute to this page. For more information on how to get involved contact

Calm Harm

Calm Harm logo

The Calm Harm app was developed to help young people manage the urge to self-harm. It is the first clinically developed app for young people at risk of self-harm developed by the charity’s founder, Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Nihara Krause.

The app is based on clinical evidence and aims to support young people, either as part of on-going treatment, or as an interim measure while they wait for specialist help.

Calm Harm provides users with four categories of task, which target the most frequent reasons that people self-harm:

  • Distract helps combat the urge to self-harm by improving self-control
  • Comfort helps to care rather than harm
  • Express helps get feelings out in a different way
  • Release provides safe alternatives to self-injury

There is also a breathing technique to help reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

The app is password-protected and there is a useful summary of progress as well as helping users identify triggers.

For further information on the app visit the Calm Harm website.

Clear Fear

Clear Fear logo

The Clear Fear app provides ways for young people to manage anxiety. Developed by Dr Nihara Krause together with ideas from young people, Clear Fear uses a Cognitive Behavioural framework to help you change anxious thoughts and emotions, alter anxious behaviours and calm fear responses.

The app also has helpful descriptions of the different ways in which anxiety shows, resources and a ‘grit box’ to boost resilience. It is recommended for the ages of 11-19 years but can be used by a younger group with support of a parent or carer.

Clear Fear compliments, but does not substitute for the assessment and ongoing support of a mental health professional.

For further information on the app visit the Clear Fear website.

‘Head-Ed’ Mental Health Videos

stem4 has compiled a library of educational videos about teenage mental health.

  • These feature all of the stem4 mental health areas: eating disorders, self-harm, depression and anxiety and addiction. Each topic features topical, specialist information presented in an animated, easy to digest way
  • Dr Nihara Krause gives up-to-date professional information on how to identify early signs of mental ill health and first steps in management
  • We are currently trialling four of the videos for use in secondary schools. The topics we have selected for this trial are: resilience, stress, anxiety and depression. For each topic, you will find guidance which includes a mini fact-file, common misconceptions, a digital video, student tasks and assessment criteria. Please contact to enquire about taking part in the trial.

Discover more about our education professionals resources in this short video.


stem4 conferences are designed to inform delegates of the early signs of mental health problems and what steps they can take to make change. They encourage dialogue, create a platform to share ideas and provide a forum to consider best practice and standards of care.


Who is it for? Groups of students from around 10 schools, who are motivated to learn more about mental health and make a difference.

Overview: The stem4 student conferences encourage secondary school students to get involved in being initiators on how to convey positive messages to other young people about looking after their mental health.

What is it about? Student conferences encourage secondary school students to

  • Address the importance of good mental health
  • Get involved in conveying positive messages about looking after your mental health
  • Discuss the best way to reach other young people
  • Learn what steps they should take if problems arise
  • Develop confidence in public speaking and interacting with students from other schools

Discover more about our student conferences in this short video:


Who is it for? For head teachers, school leaders, teachers and SENCOs

Overview: These conferences will feature a number of relevant topics. Professionals in the field will offer a forum for participants to discuss their concerns and to share in developing a robust school programme to support student mental health and form good practice guidelines and policy

What is it about?

  • Current trends in teenage mental health and ill health
  • School programmes [PSHE] and well-being programmes, suggestions for school assemblies
  • Addressing common school concerns
  • Developing policy on mental health matters


Who is it for? 

  • Parents who want to know more about mental health trends both developmental as well as common mental ill health problems in children and young people
  • For parents who have children in primary school
  • For parents who have children in secondary school and University

Overview: These conferences will feature well-known speakers on relevant topics offering a forum to discuss issues and concerns

What is it about?

  • What sorts of issues to expect at various developmental stages
  • Building emotional resilience
  • Common mental health problems
  • What can you, as parents, do to help manage these issues
  • Early signs of developing mental ill health conditions and steps you can take
  • Supporting a child or young person with a mental ill health condition
  • Preventing relapse
  • Supporting yourself

Discover more about our parent conferences in this short video:


Who is it for? School nurses and practice nurses who work with Children and Young People (CYP)

Overview: The stem4 school nurse conferences feature well-known speakers on relevant topics together with offering a forum to discuss issues, concerns and service developments

What is it about?

  • Early identification of students vulnerable to mental ill health issues
  • Monitoring and working with students with mental ill health problems such as self-harm and eating disorders
  • Current evidence-based interventions
  • Developing clear intervention pathways – from and to pastoral staff, in-school provision and with secondary providers
  • Confidentiality and communication with teaching staff
  • Supervision/support


Who is it for? GPs and GP assistants, trainee GPs, primary care medical specialists

Overview: These conferences feature expert speakers on relevant topics together with offering a forum to discuss issues, concerns and service developments

What is it about?

  • Aetiology and clinical features of common mental health problems faced by children and young people
  • Early identification and intervention of specific mental ill health problems
  • Monitoring and working with patients who present with mental ill health problems such as self-harm and eating disorders
  • Current evidence-based interventions
  • Developing clear intervention pathways – primary care to specialist
  • Supervision/support

Find out more

Conferences can be arranged by liaising with stem4.

Certain conferences will be available to attend by purchasing tickets. To be kept informed about upcoming conferences please sign up to the stem4 mailing list from our home page.

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