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New Calm Harm app features

2018-08-01T14:34:08+00:00 June 22nd, 2018|news|Comments Off on New Calm Harm app features

Calm HarmCalm HarmCalm HarmCalm Harm

A new version of Calm Harm is now available on Google Play & the App Store.

What’s new?

Hide Activities You Don’t Like – If there are any activities you don’t want to see in your list, you can hide them.

Make Notes – During certain activities, we’ve added in a notes section, so you can write down answers, make lists or write down your thoughts and feelings.

Create a Journal – After completing an activity, you can write a short note about how you were feeling. This is then kept as a record in the My Log section of the app for you to revisit.

Add Your Own Help Sections – If you want to create your own Help page, you can. Write some text, add some contacts or add in a link to your favourite websites.

Updated Activities – We have added some new activities.