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FATFACE (Wimbledon) sacrifices profits to raise funds for stem4

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  • For three days starting on Black Friday shops were bursting at the seams with people searching for bargains. Typically, retail makes a huge profit at that time of year however Fatface in Wimbledon chose to do something different this time.Led by the Assistant Manager Charlotte Plumridge supported by Callum Mclaren, Ricardo Brizuela, Katya Weiss, Ashleigh Harrison, Maddy O’Neil, Rosie Marsden and Daniel Orellana, they pursuaded shoppers to purchase items at full price so that 10% of the profits from each sale could be given to charity as part of the Fatface Foundation’s “Thanks for Giving Campaign”.stem4 was the charity selected and we were delighted to be presented with a cheque for £889 as a result.
  • We are so grateful to the staff of the Wimbledon branch of Fatface for their tremendous fundraising efforts and would also like to extend our thanks to both the Fatface Foundation who authorised the event and the shoppers who participated via their purchases.
  • Top Image: Heather Bechman( fundraising Lead,stem4) and Charlotte Plumridge (Assistant Manager of FatFace Wimbledon branch)
  • Bottom Image: Callum Mclaren,Sales Assistant and Charlotte Plumridge (Assistant Manager of FatFace Wimbledon Branch).