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Eating disorders

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Hello, I have been fighting anorexia for two years. I have now overcome it and am at healthy weight and eating “normally”. I wanted to give everyone going through the same thing that I went through some help and advice. I know that sometimes its difficult but the best thing to do is talk to someone. I know its a cliché and you will probably roll your eyes 😀 I hated talking at first but it got easier and made me feel like there were people there to support me. You can talk to anyone, friends, family or teachers. When you have anorexia you often don’t recognise that you need help, I know I didn’t. I think the word used to describe me was “strong minded” 😀 There are also places online, such as this website where you can to get help and advice. Anorexia makes you see things differently and although you might not want to take the advice it will really help and you will be grateful in the future, trust me 🙂 I am such much happier now than I was when I had anorexia and have much more time for things I care about rather than worry about food.

I have also had friends with eating disorders. It can be hard to watch your friends suffer with an eating disorder and not knowing what to do, but there are lots of ways that you can help. Although you might not feel like they want your advice, it will really help them. One thing you shouldn’t do is try to pressure them or force them to eat. This won’t help and will make them feel uncomfortable. Hopefully with your help and advice they will start eating on their own. There are lots of reasons people get eating disorders and talking about those reasons with friends can help 🙂