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What causes teenage depression?

“For some of us being a teenager is extra hard to cope with. It may be that your Gran has just died, or your best friend is neglecting you for her boyfriend; or maybe you got dropped from the football team or your parents want to move house – these are what are called situational crises. On top of that your body’s gone all weird, you don’t like your braces and you feel you are rubbish at everything. What’s more your mum keeps being critical of your clothes, and going on and on about homework, which leads to major arguments. Your dad on the other hand keeps saying you can’t go out to gatherings all your friends are at and this makes you feel like a loser. You feel hopeless about life and sure you’ll never be the person you want to be….”

Depression responds very well to psychological treatment. This will often include finding out the cause of the depression. It may be that you’ve experienced a bereavement but the sadness is going on for too long – talking it though helps with getting over it. It may be that, like the example above, your confidence is low. Working on building self-esteem can definitely help.

Try Dr Krause’s toothbrush thought

If you give yourself a chance to think positively about yourself, you will start to behave positively. Then just sit back and notice the positive results that come from this.

Depression & Anxiety

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