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How to post on community

>How to post on community
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Guidelines for writing a post

  • Please keep in mind that your post is meant to be helpful for others. Think about the kinds of things you would/wouldn’t like to read.
  • Aim for something between 100 to 700 words. However there is no strict word limit!

What happens once I submit my post?

  • Once you’ve written your post, we will review it before it is published on the stem4 community page. stem4 reserves the right to manage all information that goes on the community page.

I wanted to give everyone going through the same thing that I went through some help and advice. I know that sometimes its difficult but the best thing to do is talk to someone. I know its a cliché and you will probably roll your eyes  I hated talking at first but it got easier and made me feel like there were people there to support me. You can talk to anyone, friends, family or teachers.

Name withheld