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Typical addictions and symptom


  • Bloodshot eyes or changed pupil size.
  • Changes in eating and sleep patterns.
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain.
  • Deterioration in physical appearance, personal grooming.


  • Changes in attendance and performance at school.
  • Unexplained money problems or requirements.
  • Changes in friends, favourite places to be.
  • Erratic and often illogical behaviour, agitation or lethargy.


  • Sudden and erratic mood swings.
  • Spaced out and often lack of motivation.
  • Fearful, anxious, paranoid with no reason.
  • May hear voices.


  • Drug paraphernalia such as unusual pipes, cigarette papers, small weighing scales, butane lighters, eye drops, etc.
  • Stashes of drugs, often in small plastic, paper or foil packages.
  • Empty bottles of alcohol, plastic bottles which are filled with alcohol.
  • Missing prescriptions, alcohol, household cleaners, other solvents.


  • Most non-school hours are spent on the computer or playing video games.
  • Falling asleep in school because of long hours spent on the internet.
  • Lying about computer or video game use.
  • Choosing to use the computer or play video games, rather than see friends.
  • Being irritable when not playing a video game or being on the computer.
  • Agitation and panic if away from use of computer game or internet.
  • Speech, actions and thoughts influenced by the content of the games.
  • Stealing to support gaming.


  • Gambling with money that’s supposed to be used for something else (e.g. lunch, bus fare).
  • Experiencing mood swings and feeling stressed when not gambling regularly.
  • Stressed when reducing gambling or trying to stop.
  • Borrowing or stealing money.
  • Talking about gambling being a good way to make easy money.
  • Displaying unexplained large amounts of cash and other material possessions from time to time.
  • Bragging about winnings.
  • Starting to place large and larger bets.
  • Lying or being secretive about gambling.
  • Keeping on gambling to win back lost money.


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